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VFX-14 Wood Fuel

New for 2024 is the VersiFire Experimental 14 (VFX-14) Wood fueled gasifier. 

The VFX-14 is our next generation wood fueled hybrid gasifier plant. The idea was to create an ultra versital gasfier that can full fill a range of needs beyond a single and specific application. It can be set up in one of two fuel modes (charcoal training mode or wood fuel standard mode) We offer two hearth cores; a small engine core and a large engine core. The small core can support engine displacements between  1 ltr up to 2.5 ltrs and the large core supports from 2.5 on up to 6 ltr V8 engine displacements. Charcoal training mode allows you to learn the machine without worry of producing tar.  Additionally we are working on an automated gas storage system that will later support small generators that are less than 1000cc engine displacement. Along with other potential gas opperated application beyond just running engines. So no matter what your application is this gasifier will be able to support a very wide range.

The VFX-14 will come with our "Gasifier Management System" (GMS) and AFR Automixer standard. Stationary wood gasifier's must be automated in order to self sustain opperation. There is no way to combat fuel bridging and grate packing without it. This consist of simple timer modules that control hopper and grate agitators with timed intervals. The AFR Automixer will automatically adjust Air / Fuel mixture on the fly automatically with no user input. 


The VFX-14 features a 14" outer shell reactor and 30 gallon capacity hopper as standard. You will also have the choice of either the small or large engine hearth core dependant on your application. You can can order both for additional cost. Additionally there is 55 gallon hopper option that will also feature a larger 7 tube gas cooler (that is also taller than standard) to accomadate larger scale applications

The standard gas cooler features (5) 2 inch diamter x 38 inch long cooling tubes. They can be removed for servicing or replacment if ever needed. In fact everthing can be easily replaced it is a major part of design critieria. 


The unit will come with a DIY fitler kit, hose accessory kit and features the very powerfull Ametek Lamb start up blower. This unit can go from cold start up to engine running in less than 2 minutes!! The unit is equipped with massive 13 inch wheels for easy mobility to move it around. 


We are taking new orders for the 2024 second quarter production cycle. Orders must be place no later than the first week of April 2024. 50% of the unit cost is due to place an order. Machine deliveries will start at the end of June 2024. Please inquire via the form at the bottom of the page. 

Price $6850.00 

The VFX-14 Gasifier features a 14 inch diameter reactor, 30 gallon capacity hopper, 38 inch (5) tube gas cooler, GMS controller with hopper / grate agitators, AC/DC Ametek Lamb Start up blower, your choice of hearth cores, DIY filter kit, hose accessory kit, AFR controller Kit w / mixer vavle assembly and water injection kit for running in charcoal fuel mode for training and or running small engines. The revisions for the VersiFire Gas Storage System are also  pre existing for when that is released to market spring of 2024.This gasifier is the most versitile gasifier on market, you will not find this anywhere else. 

Model Specifications and Features;

  • 24 inches wide x 30 inches deep x 66 inches Tall

  • Weight: 300 lbs

  • 14 Ga Cold Rolled Steel Construction

  • Fuel Capacity: 30 gallons (Large Cap Hopper Option Available)

  • Runs on Soft or Hard wood chips or chunks                                                       (1 X 1.5 X 1/2 or 1 to 2 inch chunked wood)

  • Water Injection System with 4 ltr Capacity Tank: (Charcoal Mode)

  • Engine Displacement Size: 1 ltr on up to 6 ltrs (Wood Fuel Mode)
                                                               200 to 1000 cc (Charcoal Mode)

  • Run Time: Dependant on Application

  • Power Output: Dependant on Application

  • Network Ready: No 

  • Gas Cooler: 2" X 38" tall - 5 tube cooler

  • Gasifier Manager System: Yes

  • Wood Fuel Filter System: DIY Kit

  • Quick Connect Hose Kit: Yes

  • Start Up Blower: Yes

  • AFR Auto Mixer System: Yes

  • Wheel Kit: 13" wheels standard


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