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VersiFire Power Stove

Breaking the mold!!


The new Versifire is coming and this little multi function machine will be like no other. This thing will be able to function as a biomass heater, cook stove, gasifier for power generation and produce hot water. It will also be capable of producing its own charcoal fuel when running in heater mode for charcoal gasification engine power mode. It will do all this in one single machine.

In charcoal gasifier mode this will be able to run on any lump charcoal as long as it is sized correctly to flow. You want this anyways, the smaller the fuel the longer it will run. However in heater / cook mode it can only run small dense fuels like the

1/ 4 inch wood pellet. The deal breaker here, is this reactor technology eliminates combustion gases from entering into the hopper. Without this capability it is not possible to run a gasifier indoors and basically all of them do this.

When in heater mode this unit will constantly produce charpellets. Automation to actuate the grate can allow for bulk production as we have proof of concept. You can see this prototype proof of concept in the slide show to the right. This unit has been in operation since September 2020 and we have learned a great deal from it.


VersiFire Power Stove 01.jpg

Pellets are not such a bad deal here. Think of it this way; you are getting a two for one with this stove. That prototype heats beyond any pellet stove Ive ever had. I mean like way beyond and it still produces all that charcoal. You then get a second use out of this fuel as you can now run a power generator with it. Set the pellet heater aside and this is a stand alone charcoal gasifier all by itself. So even if you don't use it as a pellet stove you still have this as an advanced charcoal gasifier.

Machine features:

  • Primary heat mode (full combustion via natural draft 4 inch chimney)
    *large stove top cook surface
    *hot water heater coil wrapped around the riser pipe
    *Dual heat exchangers in the back
    *Produces its own charcoal when in heater mode with large catch bin for harvesting
    *Charcoal gasification mode for engine power generation
    *In Charcoal Gasifier mode multi fuels can be used it is NOT limited to just pellets.
    *Water drip system with evaporator built inside the reactor for                                  (Carbon Thermal Cracking) Yes ordinary water is also a fuel input besides the charcoal!!

We will be building the first prototypes spring 2021 and beta units built to order will be offered after initial testing. We will only build a short supply of the Beta versions. Those interested will need to inquire and reserve a unit and place a deposit. These units will be Ready to Run; so you would be getting more than just what is shown in the CAD model. The unit will come with an external filter system, air mixer valve, hose connection kit with engine adaptor for charcoal gasification mode. The units will not have automation and indoor installations we can not support as Beta versions will not be UL certified nor will they be EPA certified.