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All new for the 2024 model year is the DXF-Series Gasifier.


The 2024 DXF Gasifier is a Duel Cross Fuel system. This gasifier can be set up as a dedicated charcoal gasifier or with the wood fuel option it can then be set up as a dedicated woody biomass fueled system. In addition any DXF Series Gasifier can be equipped with the VersiFire gas storage system. With the VersiFire system you can then produce on-demand gas production for utility gas supply. 

The DXF Gasifier is now our most versitile system we have ever created and is the first of its kind. This gasifier is capable of running multiple fuel sources and with the VersiFire option can run many applications beyond just running spark ignition engines. 

To learn more please inquire via the form below. A sale representive will follow up shortly

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