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New in development is the VersiFire Stove Module. This will be the fusion of both a fully functional extream eficiency pellet stove and an engine run capable gasification system for power and heat generation. 


First Beta versions; development will be more focused on heat generation and then power generation development will come after. So first gen system may or may not have capability to run the power generator. 


The VersiFire Stove module however will be designed so that additional modules can be added. Part of its design concept is offer it in its simplest form and then offer add on modules for additional heat reclaim and an oven module. These add on modules will simply bolt onto the stove module like legos. 


The stove will borrow our Flex Power Reactor System technology along with new processes. There will also be a lower charcoal reactor that will that incorperate steam reforming process. Aproximatly 25% of the fuel input will be ordinary water. This steam reforming process crackes high temperature steam into hydrogen boosting our gas energy density. The char ash will be fully consumed adding back into the process. All this equates to very high efficiency potential well beyond any current stove technology on market. The stove module in stand alone format willl come standard with recirculation heat to water reclaim system along with a single burner / hot plate for cooking. This makes the stove EPA except oven though it could pass with flying colors. 


The VersiFire in heat generation mode, will have three combustion stages, a primary raw fuel combustion process. secondary char oxidation process and then a final combined third stage gas combustion process. This stove will not require a chimney but instead with have an outdoor draft blower as the chimney draft will not be sufficient. The exhaust will be pipe through wall to this blower system. Intake air for combustion is also fed in from an outside source.


The second phase development will then be based around an outdoor power genertion unit, producing between 1.5 and 2.5 kW of power for battery bank charging cycles. When the stove module is switched to power generation mode, the final stage combustion is shut off and this gas is directed to the power moduel to run its internal combustion engine. Further development could potentilal render the machine capable of running Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology with an energy convertion rate of 80% effiency. That would make the VersiFire a very powerfull macjhine!!


We are seeking investors to aid in the development of the VersiFire. Until then we are taking orders for first generation beta units. 




  • Runs on the 1/4" - 7mm wood pellet

  • Through exhaust no Chimney Required

  • Cook Top Stove EPA Exempt

  • Ultra High Efficiency with Minimal Smoke Emissions

  • Up to 24 hour run time pr hopper load

  • 40 lbs Fuel capacity pr hopper load

  • 60,000 BTU/hr (high setting)

  • Dimensions: 12 W X 22 L X 34" Tall @ burner plate

  • Weight: 120 lbs

Base Price $3650.00 USD Plus Shipping

Stoves are built to order inqurire here: 





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