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Utility Gasiifer (Standard)


The 2020 Utiltiy Gasifier (Standard Edition) is the continuation of our standard stand alone gasiifier that we have based our core development around. The standard edition is ready to run with exception of adapting your generator. We supply you with a full adaptor kit for the Predator 8750 / 9000 watt generator that bolts on in just minutes. You simply remove the air clean and bolt our adaptor in place, Install our plug and play wire harness and install the O2 Sensor adapter onto the exhaust. then simply hook up the quick connect gas hose plug in the wire harness to the machine and you are ready to go!


The Utility Standard comes complete with our basic automation package, that manages the gasifier flows, along with an integrated automatic air/fuel mixer controller. The machine comes on wheels for easy mobility so you can easily move the machine around with little effort. 


Flex Standard Solo Features: ​​​​

  • Stand alone gasifier plant for off the shelf generators

  • Runs on Standard 1/4 inch / 7mm wood pellets

  • 40 lb Fuel Capacitiy (2 to 3 hour run time pr hopper loading.)

  • 400 cc to 800 cc engine run capable

  • Engine Adapter Standard (Honda GX 390 / Predator 420 or equivalant)

  • 1.3 kgs/kW fuel consumption rate

  • Fully Automated

  • One to two week, low maintenance filtration system. 

  • 12 Hour char ash clean out intervals


Machines are built to order for more information please inqurire here: 

Utiltiy Gasifier (Standard)


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