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The Flex Power  10kW system features the Max Hopper with 300 lbs capacity, our premium 30 inch 7 stage filter system and mated to a Kohler power Unit procing a net 10 kW coninuouse output. 


Having a the gasifier module remote from the filter system gives you the advantage of indoor instalation to take advantage of difrect heat from the gasifier module. The Flex gasifier module has a built in forced air heat exhanger for direct radiant heat. The controls are built into the module and networked with with the filter and generator power unit; giving you the convienience of full control of the entire system indoors. 


The Power Unit features a Kohler 1000cc naturally aspirated V Twin engine. The engine / generator system is fully enclosed in a weather proof enclosure system.  The power unit features our Exhaust Heat Exchange Module pre installed for CHP or hot water. (Note this is for the heat exchange module only; pumps, hoses and all other components are not supplied) Heat exchange module has 3/4" NPT hose hook ups. 


The MAX gravity feed hopper system offers 300 lbs fuel capacity for long run times even at maximum output. Running at 10 kW the unit should run 10 hours or 20 hours of opperation at half load. When combined with a battery bank and high output charger this more than enough for a singel days use for most applications. However, at 10 kW output this power house will deliver when you need it. 


The master controller gives you full control over the centralized filter system and generator system. You simply initiiate cycles direct from the touch screen interface. Its as simple to opperate as any cell and is interactive giving updates and status to aid you in opperation. Our new blower system for all new modules is extreamly powerful and can have the machines engine run ready in less than a minute!! They are 10 times more powerful than our old blowers. To start the engine there is a manual air mixer aduster that the touch screen display. The air fuel ratio is displayed for you to compansate this mixture and fine tune it. Then starting the engine is as simple as touch the "Engine Start" button on the display. Once your are up and running you will touch "Generate Mode" to switch out of the Start Up manual mode for the machine to take over. The controls fully self monitor and mainain fuel flows thru the gasifiers reactor system, engine aif fuel mixture is also monitored and electroncally controlled. Additional filter suport system are also turned on an off automatcally as needed by the system. All this combined yields a very reliable and consistant running machine. This is a huge achievement in biofueled gasification systems industry wide. Our machines are over 95% as stable as any liquid fueled power generator. 

Flex 10 kW Power System


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