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Utility Gasiifer (Level I)


​We are re introducing the Utility Gasifier for the 2020 model year. The (level 1 package) offers just the basic foundation and is the gasifier with out options. 


This is the non turnkey option for the DIY / developers that can handle building this into a fully functional unit that may not have equipment or the resources to build a unit from scratch. Most DIY'ers will have this much cost into a home built unit, so it makes sense to simply buy this machine with 8 years of development behind it. 


To offer the machine at the rock bottom pricing; the machine comes with out, start up blower, engine adaptor kit, wheeled chassis system, enclosure panels, automation controls system, hose hook ups, etc. The user can start out by simply adapting there own start up blower and adapting an engine, making the unit fully functional and capable of running an engine. You can then build from there and on your own automation systems, a wheeled cart, CHP, advanced filting etc. There is now a forum to assist you. Other users and veteran DIY builders will be on this forum to share ideas along our own recomondations based on our developemnt over the years. We can point in the right direction on where and what to buy to further advance your system or you can simply purchase the accessories from our store. This will the most accessorized gasifier system ever created!!


Flex Standard Solo Features: ​​​​

  • Stand alone gasifier plant for off the shelf generators

  • Runs on Standard 1/4 inch / 7mm wood pellets

  • 400 cc to 800 cc engine run capable

  • 20 lb Fuel Capacitiy (2 to 3 hour run time pr hopper loading.)

  • 1.3 kgs/kW fuel consumption rate

  • One to two week, low maintenance filtration system. 

  • 12 Hour char ash clean out intervals


Machines are built to order for more information please inqurire here: 

Utiltiy Gasifier (Base)


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