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The Flex Gasifier SE Turnkey is  the premium complete solution for power generators with 400 to 800 cc engines. 


The units comes complete with our premium 30 Inch 7 Stage filtration system and controls system. The controls system is 100% hands free other than intering modes from the touch screen interface. The controls feature three modes, ignition, engine start and run mode. To light the machine all you have to do is touch the ignition mode button and the machine will direct gas output to the start up blower while openning the reactor air intake valve. The controls with then turn on the blower and pulse the reactor ignitor to light the machine. As the machine warms up the controls will instruct the flare cup igniter to ignite the flare cup. Once the conrols see there is a flare established it will then display that the flare is lit and established and you can then proceed to engine start up. To start the engine; there is a button in the GUI to engage the engine starter with a slide control to manually adjust the air fuel mixer valve. The air fuel ratio is desplayed and you use this to fine tune the air fuel mix using the slider control while initiating the engine starter. Once the machine is up and running you then select run mode. To turn the machine off simply desect any mode to retune the machine to an off line state. 


The remote filtration for the SE features a very robust forced air gas cooling stage, four stage self cleaning micron filter stages and two stage cyclone gas dryer stage. The filter unit houses the start up blower and all controls hardware to support the filters support systems along with the engine management controls. The SE offers 30% more cooling and filtration over the LT option. The SE unlike the LT uses I2C comunication to instruct the onboard hardware at the filter system. 


Note the filter system is currently in design I will update as soon as a CAD rendering is possible. For reference it will look simalar to the Fusion Gasifier in its construction. .

Flex Gasifier SE (Turnkey)


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