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The Flex Gasifier LT is the complete gasifier module featuring the standard 40 lb fuel hopper, with a light version of our automation systems. Like all version of the Flex Gasifier Modules there is a built in Heat exchanger for indoor heat reclaim and pre cooling stage for gas cooling. On all units above the base model a forced air fan is provided for heat distribution. 


The automation features, a complete system that includes hopper and grate management, engine controls over ride with the O2 Sensor mointoring and automatic air fuel mixture controls. If you opt out of our filter system offered for this unit, the provided pig tale conector has output wires for a DC blower connection. You will then need to construct an adaquate filter system for your application. 


The controller runs in three modes. Ignition mode, Engine Start Up mode and automix mode. 


At the front of the machine there is an on off button, mode button, air mix manual adjuster, air fuel ration digital read out and engine starter engagement push button. In ignition mode; the controls supply power to the blower. The user then directs the gas output to the blower manually via valve shut off and manually lights the reactors igntion port. Once lit then user will cap off the ignition port and open the reactor air intake valve at the back of the unit. Once the user is able to light the flare cup and has established a flare, they can then select the mode button again and enter engine start mode. In engine start mode the controller opens the engine coil ground and gives the user manual control of the air fuel mixture valve and can then engage the engine starter. .As you turn over the engine, use the air fuel ratio digital read out to fine tune air mixture. Use the manual control to lean out or richen the air fuel ratio as you turn over the engine until it is started. Once the engine is running and is stable, you select the mode button once again and the controls will turn on the forced air fan for the heat exchanger and auto adjust air fuel mixture on its own. This combined with automatic hopper and grate management allow the unit to run worry free. You can walk away with confidense that the machine will run stable and with out stalling. 


With all versions of the Flex Gasifier modules, the pellet fuel system can be removed to convert the unit into a chunk fuel capabable machine. Howevever in this mode it is not recommended to install indoors. One of the features of the pellet fuel reactor is there is little to no combustion gases that enter into the hoppoer. In chunk model, this will be removed and will be subject excesive smoke leaving the hopper if the lid is openned. Also run times will drastically be reduced as pellet fuel is nearly three times as energy dense as chip and chunk fuels. 


Flex Gasifier LT (Module)


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