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The Thrive Enduro Stove is a Pellet Fueled Cook Top Enduro Stove. This is a non electric gravity fed downdraft stove with a 6 X 6 cooktop! It features a dual pass heat reclaim tower with the option of a forced air blower for better heat distribution. Smoke emissions are little to none with this stoves multi stage combustion process. If the power goes, you will always have a means of heat with the ability to cook and provide hot water. This is a stove no home should be with out!!



  • Runs on the 1/4" - 7mm wood pellet

  • Non Electric (no electricity required)

  • Cook Top Stove EPA Exempt

  • Ultra High Efficiency with Minimal Smoke Emissions

  • Up to 10 hour run time pr hopper load

  • 20 lbs Fuel capacity pr hopper load (12 hour run time)

  • 40,000 BTU/hr (high setting)

  • Optional Forced Air Blower for Higher Heat Reclaim

  • Dimensions: 12 W X 22 L X 30" Tall

  • Weight: 80 lbs

  • Requires 3" Chimney / Chimney Damper included

Base Price $850.00 USD Plus Shipping

Stoves are built to order inqurire here: 



Enduro Stove


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