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The Flex Power 12.5kW / CHP system is a teamed gasifier system that shares a centralized outdoor filtration system mated to a Kohler 2.2 ltr power generator. 


Having a the gasifier modules teamed together gives you the advantage of indoor instalation to take advantage of difrect heat from each gasifier module. Each module has a built in forced air heat exhanger for direct radiant heat. Plus this gives you the convienience of full control of the entire system indoors via the master module. The othe module have slave controllers that are networked and comunicate with the master controller. 


The engine is a Kohler 2.2 ltr naturally aspirated Inliine 4 engine. The liquid cooling allows for tapping into the engine coolant system for CHP. In addition we equip the generator unit with an exhaust heat exchange unit that can be combined with or with out the engine. You could use the exhuast heat exchange for hot water use while using the enigne coolant for radiant heating or combine into a shared system. Climate may factor how you will want to set this up. 


Haveing a team of gasifier modules adds on fuel capacity every module holds 300 lbs of fuel for a combined capacity of 600 lbs of fuel. At max power this equates to 16 hours run time or 32 hours at half output. 


The master controller give you full control over the slave gasifier module the centralized filter system and generator system. You simply initiiate cycles direct from the touch screen interface. Its as simple to opperate as any cell and is interactive giving updates and status to aid you in opperation. 

Flex Power System (12.5kW / CHP Teamed)


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