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Eventuallly after running a gasifier for a while the magic of running an engine on wood will disipate as the user will generallly need to maintane the machine under opperation and will need to restart after engine stalling. Once things get out of wack re starting the engine may not be so easy and lead to frustration. At this point you will realize how important automation is. 


For those looking for a turnkey solution we will offer our basic controller featuring self times grate and hearth agitator outputs On / Off Switch for Start Up Blower along with the auto AFR Mixer Controller. Simply bolt this on the hopper using our supplied mnts and hardware and attach the O2 Sensor Adaptor to your generator engine. Make the connection from our supplied wire harness to your agitator motors, Blower motor and the mix servo and you are ready to go. The controller features a air fuel mixture manual adjust with digital AFR read out for easy engine starting. Once fired up and running stable simply push the mode button to initiate self mix mode. 



  • Self contained water proof electrical Enclosure
  • Integrate Wire Harness (Base Utility Specific)
  • Simple Push Button Mode / Switch Interface
  • On / Off Switch for Start Up Blower
  • Auto Timed Grate and Hearth Agitator 
  • Plug and Play with Base Utiltiy and Predator 8750 Generators

Built to order, please inqurire here: 



Base Controller


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