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The V-1 Weld Kit is the foundation to create and DIY our new hybrid downdraft gasifier. This gasifier is unique as it is both a downdraft wood gasifier and a downdraft charcoal gasifier all in one. Giving you versitiliy and the best of both worlds. 

The idea is to offer the parts and components that are not comonly available or are more dificult to obtain to DIY a home built gasifier. Then support the builder with our online open forum along with step by step video totorials that can be accessed here on our forum and also directly on our Youtube channel. 

This kit is the bare bones component set and is not welded to keep cost as low as possible. The builder will need to source additional parts and components to complete the unit. You will need to source a hopper vessel, a 9 inch diamter tank (to create the reactor), a vessel to create the filter, lots of plumbing fittings, a start up blower, hose connection systems, and more. 

Our kit will come with a full flange set to create the reactor system along with the; Restristion Plate Flange, Grate Support flange, Water Tank, Flare Cup, Media Filter Stand, Primary Jet Nozzle, Insulation Liners, Ash Box Coupler and All Weld Fittings required for the Weld Components


V-1 DIY Gasifier Welders Kit

Please allow 1 to 2 Weeks Process and Delivery Time
  • Shipping is free for all USA clients in the lower 48 states. All others please inquire via our contact page for a quotation. 

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