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Announcing the new Worx Gasifier!!

Brand new for the 2020 model year is the Worx Gasifier. This machine is the fusion of the Flex Power Station combined into the Utility Gasifier foundation. The result will be a engine capable gasifier system on wheels with all features carried over from the Flex Power Station. The machine will be capable of full automatic start up and run modes along with the auto charger mode for automatically running battery charge cycle all on its own.

The machine has an upgraded expanded hopper to lengthen run times. If coulped to a more moderate 2.5 kW charging output with the charge mode enabled this machine could run 24 hours with out any intervention starting and stopping all on its own!!. This will be a very practical and low cost approach for an complete off grid gasifier system that is not limited by the sun or the wind. This is renewable energy on demand!!

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