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Evolution Series IV in Action!!!!!!

Here is the Evolution Series IV in action. The machine is currently packaged up and getting ready for shipment to Japan for product launch there.

This upcoming week I will testing its little brother the Evolution Series I System. This new little system is a very powerful system in a compact package. Its capable of 12 kW power output with its onboard 12 kW charger inverter, the generator is capable of producing 5 kW continuous charging output. So you will have 12 kW output for your peak hours power consumption and the machine can then run part time. No need to run this 24/7 most homes only average 2-3 kW power pr month. So this machine is more than enough to power most residential homes. This set up allows the machine to be very efficient as only the power needed is created and can be shut down without losing power. This means the machine will only consume roughly 1/3 to 1/2 the fuel consumption required for most other full time machines. When those machines are shut down for routine servicing your power also goes down to that period of time until it is back up and running. The 2017 versions will have self running capability making the systme nearly as practical as the grid. As long as it has fuel in it will run 100% hands free. Add fuel thats all you have to do, it will self start and shut down on its own!!!

So keep checking back with us for this update along with many others its the 2017 model year and I will be showcasing new technology all the time for this coming year!!

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