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New in development is the VersiFire Power Stove!!

What is the VersiFire Power Stove? It is a dual purpose stove technology that can run indoors as a typical heater but also can run as a direct biomass gasifier plant for engine power. We have now achieved proof of concept with the revelations of the Fusion Pellet Stove, The Fusion Pellet Stove has a modified version of the pellet fuel reactors we offer in the engine grade gasifier plants. However, the stove construction allows for full consumption of the fuel reducing it down to white ash at the grate level;  while fully burning off the produced gases in a final stage combustion chamber. Hopper back drafting is fully eliminated and  is a key feature of this reactor technology. So it is safe for indoor use. In engine power mode the second stage combustion process is shutdown and the producer gas is then diverted from the naturally drafting chimney out to a scrubbing system by the engine power generator. This will consist of a small charcoal gasifier that the producer gas will flow through to be thermally cracked, then a final cooling stage and micron filtering process. The Versifire Stove when ran in either heater or producer gas modes can be set up to produce a yield of charcoal for use in this final filter. It will be fully self sustaining if used in combination with supplementing solar for off grid battery charging. The Charcoal unit will crack all the moisture along with any unprocessed tars and should yield a much higher energy dense fuel without ever worry of tars making it to the engine. This will also reduce fuel consumption rates at the gasifier plant as the charcoal unit is further processing the gas while also producing char gas along with steam cracking. So yes indeed ordinary water is also a fuel input. 

We are now launching a crowd funding campaign.


First stage is to acquire funding to produce a working prototype for the DIY user. Once the initial working prototype is achieved; plans will be offered for all that have made donations and have signed an NDA. The DIY Plans will be designed specific to off the shelf parts so anyone can build it with basic welding and mechanical skills. 

Second stage goals are to develop the technology into pre-production 2022 Fusion Stove Modules for demo, UL and CE testing, acquiring in house test equipment for EPA Standards testing and then achieving EPA certifications along with third party efficiency testing. We will need to produce a number of identical machines for demo globally. 

Final stage goals are to finalize machine design and enter into mass production. Investors are welcome to present proposals at anytime. Provisional patents are in process now and we will move to full patent processing once prototyping is complete.


All proof of concepts have been achieved. We have developed the core reactor technology, charcoal reactor technology, Steam reforming and water cracking technology and have the most advanced controls systems ever achieved in small scale gasification to engine power systems. Our machines are fully automated from self ignition to engine start and then self management systems to fully sustain consistent and reliable hands off operation.  We are the closest to achieving full autonomous operation at this scale.


We are leading the way in small scale residential off grid gasification for heat and power; no others can make this claim. 

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