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Micro Gasifier

New is the M-1 Charcoal Gasifier. This is a very compact stand alone unit that can run 200 to 400 cc engine power generators. This is a great little machine for outdoor adventures, camping, RV'ing, cabins, bug out locations etc. 

Making charcoal for the M-1 is easy. We supply a top lid to convert standard 5 gallon steel buckets into a cook stove / retort system. You simply break up foliage, fill this stove up with the fuel and light it. Once it reduces down, you then dump the charcoal into another bucket and seal it off with a lid and let cool. The charcoal will be mostly ready to run fuel any large chunks can easily be broken up by hand. 

The M-1 features a Silica Cloth bag filter that filters the dust at the micron level. Cleaning is easy, simply remove the access lid and flip the unit over, dump out any dust that has accumulated and re install the lid. 

Unlike any other small gasifier like this on the market the M-1 will never make tar, ever!!! The gas will always be dry never fouling spark plugs. Charcoal offers very consistent flow behavior allowing the user the ability to walk away from the unit without need to baby sit the machine. Small scale gasifier systems at this scale, simply will not run this consistent without automation. Physics is physics its just the way it is. 

The M-1 starts out at just $500.00 USD. All international customers outside the United States please inquire for shipping quotes and pricing. 


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