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Micro -1 MAX Gasifier

New is the M-1 MAX Charcoal Gasifier.


The M-1 Max is a larger version of the M-1 Standard. The Max features pneumatic wheels for easy mobility. This unit can be configured as a stand alone gasifier plant or as a plug-in module for networking with the Fusion Module or M-1 Utility RTR. A ready to run version is also available. 


Like the M-1 Standard the M-1 Max does not feature a filter system onboard or any support systems. This is just the gasifier plant without these added systems. This is to make it versatile to be set up in a network or it can be set up as a stand alone system at lower cost with the added support systems. 


For those looking to save cost, you can opt to build your own start up blower, filter system and engine attachment system or you can purchase these items with the unit.

Making charcoal for the M-1 MAX is easy. A simple retort can be made up using 14 inch barrel drums.  You simply process your fuel pieces that the retort can process, then fill this retort up with the fuel and light it. Once it reduces down, you then dump the charcoal into another container and then seal it off with a lid. The charcoal will be mostly ready to run fuel any large chunks can easily be broken up with simple processing methods. See our forum for charcoal making tips and DIY kilns. 

Unlike any other small gasifier like this on the market; the M-1 Max will never make tar, ever!!! The gas will always be dry never fouling spark plugs. Charcoal offers very consistent flow behavior allowing the user the ability to walk away from the unit without need to baby sit the machine. Small scale gasifier systems at this scale, simply will not run this consistent without automation. Physics is physics its just the way it is. 

M-1 MAX Production 1.jpg

M-1 Max 2021

Production Model

M-1 Max / Utility

Pre-Production Model

M-1 Max Specifications;

18 inches wide x 24 inches deep x 38 inches Tall

14 Ga Cold Rolled Steel Construction

Weight: 75 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 10 gallons

Onboard Filter: No

Onboard Blower: No

Wheel Kit: Standard (all versions)

M-1 Max Base Pricing $1475.00

(Gasifier Only)

M-1 Max Options:

Optional Water Drip $$175.00

Optional Pancake Filter $125.00

Universal Engine Adapter Kit $150.00

Amtek Blower kit $175.00

M-1 Max RTR (ready to run) $2100.00

The M-1 Max RTR comes with all options; Amtek start up blower, water drip hydrogen boost system, external pancake filter, air fuel mixer valve assembly, quick connect hose attachment system and universal engine adapter for single cylinder slant style engines ranging from 190 cc to 420 cc displacement's. Machine is ready to run after customer setup


All products are supported on our public forum for all to see for any customer that wishes to participate. 

Please inquire via the contact form bellow to place an order. Shipping charges will be billed separately. Payment options are available. We are build to order, build times range from 2 to 6 weeks depending on our ever changing work load. All sales are final, sorry no refunds

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