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Fusion by VersiFire

Fusion Bio Fueled Energy Systems by VersiFire; is a family of products specifically designed to integrate with one another for a complete off grid system. This includes primary heat / cooking, hot water, electric power, energy storage systems and power distribution. All from clean renewable bio fuel energy. All system share like design and form factors. 

The Fusion Stove Heaters, will be offered in both pellet fuel and cordwood fuel versions. Specially designed to provide primary heating and hot water, while yielding charcoal to an outdoor storage system. This charcoal can then be used as bio char, for outdoor cooking and fueling the Fusion Gasifier Module. This stove technology greatly reduces fuel processing efforts for fueling a gasifier for electric power. Just some screening to remove white ash and dust is all that is required. Your electric power is basically a free byproduct from just heating your home!! Beta versions of the pellet fueled stove are available now. The cordwood stove will  start development fall of 2020. 

The Fusion Gasifier Module is very compact and easy to maintain. The Fusion Gasifier converts Charcoal into a clean tar free gas to run the power module. Gas energy density is boosted by an on board steam reforming process. This steam as it is injected into the unit produces a much higher yield of H2 and CO gas yielding much greater energy potential than a typical direct wood gasifier. So ordinary water is also a fuel input for the Fusion Gasifier module. 

The Fusion Power unit and Fusion Power Tower, are built in the same exact form factor as the Gasifier module. The Fusion Power Unit features a V twin engine with a vertical drive 5 kW power head and is fully electronically controlled.The gasifier produces usable fuel to run the power module; the power module then feeds directly into the power towers lithium Ion battery bank. Power is distributed to the homes utility box via an on board hybrid inverter system. The Power Tower is climate controlled in cold weather using a circulated hot water system from the Fusion Stove and also the power module. 

The Fusion Family of products is the complete on demand solution for your off grid needs. 

With exception of the Fusion Cordwood Stove Heater all units are available for purchase. All products are built to order. Please inquire for more details and ordering information, we ship world wide. 

Fusion Gasifier Module

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