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Fusion III

New for 2021 is the Fusion 3 Networking Module!

The Fusion 3 Module allows you to network multiple M-1 Series gasifier units into a single unit to fit a broader range of applications. 

Additional benefits are refueling on the fly without interruption of operation along with extended run times. 

The M-1 Series in their stand alone format are batch run machines. When multiple units are networked into a single application, you now have added fuel capacity. Not only that but you now have the ability to re fuel the machines on the fly. Each machine has its own port with shut off valve. Simply shut this valve to take the machine off line. You can now open the hopper lid without interrupting operation of the generator and re fuel the unit. Once full bring the unit back online by slowly returning the shut off valve to wide open position. You can now repeat these steps to refuel the rest of the units in the network. 

The Fusion Module is also the filter for all units plus it has the start up blower integrated to run all units in the network. Also supplied with the unit in all versions are the engine adapter and quick disconnect hose attachment kit. 

Three M-1 Basic units is all that is required, you do not need the RTR versions as this module comes complete to hook each module in its stand alone offering. You can also substitute modules with the M-1 Max version. You now have a unit that can run stand alone for additional remote applications. So basically two systems in one. 

Fusion 3
Stand Alone Module

Fusion III Module Specifications;

  • 18 x 18 foot print x 30 inches Tall

  • 14 Ga Cold Rolled Steel Construction

  • Weight: 80 lbs

  • Easy Access Filter Lid w/ pressure release latch system

  • Filter Material: Silicon / Felt Bag 6" X 24" 

  • Adjustable Stand

  • Onboard Integrated Start Up Blower System

  • Module Quick Connects

  • Hose Attachment System with Engine Adaptor

Fusion 3 RTR 

Fusion 3 RTR (ready to run) $3500.00

The Fusion 3 RTR is ready to run and comes complete with three M-1 Basic Gasifier Modules with Water Drip, Filter System, Start Up Blower, Engine Adapter Kit and Quick Connect Hose System. System is ready to run after initial setup and installation of the engine adapter. Shipping cost will apply and is billed separately at time of shipment. For ordering and additional information please fill out the contact form below. 

Please inquire via the contact form bellow to place an order. Shipping charges will be billed separately. Payment options are available. We are build to order, build times range from 6 to 12 weeks depending on our ever changing work load and are subject to change. All sales are final sorry no refunds or returns. 

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