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Oct 16

VersiFire MFS



Ok, I am going to create a new company under the VersiFire branding that will become a subsidiary of Thrive Energy Systems. This brand will be more specific to heat specific applications along with its own breed of indoor applications of CHP systems. Just to clarify "Thrive Off Grid" is not a manufacturing company, this is the exclusive distribution company for all products distributed for the United Stated and will carry all products of Thrive Energy Systems and the VersiFire brand.


So it is getting cold here in Western Michigan and I need a means to heat the shop. I have thrown out the torpedo heaters used last year as they would not work reliably and are just not a good solution. So I am working on a new stove that can run on multiple fuel types and designing it to fit multiple applications. The plan is to bring this to market as beta kits for now. This stove will be able to fit into all kinds of applications; shop heating, tiny homes, RV's, cabins, tents, etc. Even though these are small dwelling applications, the shop is 40 X 40 with very tall ceilings. So this is where the multi fuel comes in. This stove will be able to run on chunked / blocked wood, sticks, small logs and also kerosene. So sort of like..... ok just like a waste oil burner haha. but I have to say kerosene :) So not going to say you can run waste oil but not going to say you cant. What you do with the stove is at your own discretion.


I will offer this with and with out hardware, grate, fuel tank, etc. Check out the massive grate I am offering this stove. That thing is heavy duty will last years if not a life time!!


This opens up a wealth fuels I can run with this stove and when running "kerosene" fuel the exhaust will be vented out instead smelling up the shop.


I have here some parts that showed up today for this first build and also building one for my waste oi.... urrr friend of mine. I will be working on creating all the CNC files and get these things together asap. Tired of being cold!!! Ill update you all soon!!









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