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Oct 17

M-1 Gasifier (Open Source)




Ok I am bringing the M-1 Gasifier back out of retirement. Those that have followed me from the very beginning spring of 2011; will remember the M-1 Gasifier is what started it all.


I am going to bring this machine back as a simple low cost compact unit holding true to its roots. However it will feature a simplified version of today's advanced reactor technology.


I will also open source the design for the DIY guys. This unit should be easy to replicate using 2 and 3 inch tubing and using hole saws to create specific flanges. You can also order some of the flanges via McMaster Carr. Somethings are just not worth trying to make your self.


The M-1 Gasifier will start out at $350.00 build to order with free shipping to the lower 48 state. United States only. International buyers please inquire and I will set you up with a local to you dealer.




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