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VersiFire Power System

New in development is the VersiFire Power System. This is a complete set of modules to complete the full energy range for off grid applications. 

The modules consist of an indoor gasifier hybrid heating system, an out door advanced gasifier for power system, specific built power generator unit for autonomous battery charging and power storage solutions. 

This system combined with a small solar array will make going off grid viable and practical.


The indoor stove modules are hybrid gasification systems. That not only provide heat and hot water but can also produce charcoal as it heats for the outdoor charcoal gasifier and also run in a direct gasification mode for engine power. When in this mode the gas is pipe to the outdoor gasifier unit for further gas processing into clean engine grade fuel. This is done through extreme temperature carbon cracking at the out door units reactor. 

The outdoor charcoal unit features an advanced downdraft reactor core with flash steam reformer. This advanced reactor will allow for additional raw fuel medias to be mixed in with the charcoal fuel. Saw dust and other waste that can not be used in ordinary units can be used here. The steam reformer simply flashes ordinary into steam to be thermally cracked into H2 and reforms the Oxygen with the carbon to create CO that is also a combustible gas for engine running. 

Still think direct wood gasification is less work and more efficient? This system changes all that. 


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