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Flex SE Gasifier

The Flex SE Gasifier is our flex fuel gasification system. It can be configured to run on wood chips, small chunked fuel, pellet fuel or charcoal. In the charcoal configuration, the on board pre filter system is all that is needed, you can eliminate the cost of the added filter module. In any direct wood gasification configuration the filter module is required. 

The Flex SE is now standard with our fully automated controls systems. This features a touch screen interface giving full control of the gasifier system and engine generator all at your command. You simply enter modes by touching a mode button and the machine carries out the task on its own  with no other intervention by the user. We have reached a level of development where our systems are just as easy if not easier to run than standard liquid fuel generator systems. 

The Flex SE is offered with the standard hopper or you can upgrade to the Max hopper featuring 8 cubic feet of fuel capacity. 

The Flex SE Filter module features a massive cooling stage, 4 stage micron bag filter system, two stage cyclone filter and our extremely powerful start up blower for fast start up. The machines are generally ready to engine run in less than 1 minute. 

The Flex SE can be configured to run small generators from 400 to 800 cc engines or it can be teamed to run much larger V8 engine driven generators and anything in between. Rather than building complicated hopper systems for bulk fueling; teaming systems together is much more cost effective while adding reliability. 

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