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Flex Power Systems 
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The Flex Power Systems are a new approach of building the systems modular to meet a very diverse range of applications. The gasifier is separated from the filter system to allow for indoor installation and also teaming modules together for larger applications. The filter module is then placed outside and the start up blower is integrated into filter. So smoke from start up is not an issue as this is outside along with the generator system. 

Each gasifier module comes with a built in heat exchanger and force air is also an option on some models. We offer two hopper options a standard 40 lb hopper and a larger 300 lb hopper. (pellet fuel mode only)

If pellet fuels are not desired, you can convert the units to run on chunk fuels. However, you will be limited to the standard hopper and with much shorter run times pr hopper loading. 

For larger applications teaming the units with the bulk hopper is a very cost effective way to scale up the application while adding fuel capacity to meet desired run times pr hopper loading. 

For the DIY guys we offer the gasifier in its stripped down bare bones basic configuration. You can then join our forum and share your build and innovation with others. 

Flex Gasifier Modules  and complete Systems
Flex Gasifier Accessories

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