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DXF- Series Standard

The 2024 DXF-Series Gasifier Standard comes in downdraft charcoal fuel format as the standard base model. This is a no nonsense, easy to set up and use system that comes at a low price point. All DXF Series Gasifier can then be upgraded to the wood fuel or VersiFire package at anytime.

The DXF-Series Standard Gasifier consist of the DXF Base Version, Gas Cooling System with integrated Start up Blower, Gas Hose System with Inline Ammo Box Filter, Manual Control Air / Fuel Mixer Valve and Engine Adapter. This system comes ready to run most off the shelf spark ignition power generators with engine displacements between 200 and 500 cc. 

Set- up and opperation is very straight forward. If it seems complicated you are more then likely over complicating it. However we are always here to aid plus there is forum support to aid you along the way. Plus Youtube videos galour. Setting up the engine is simple, you simply remove the stock air cleaner and bolt our supplied adapter in its place. Fill the hopper with fuel, attach the hose system and inline filter with AFR mixer valve and its ready to fire up. To run the unit simply close the gas out supply valve, open the flare cup valve, supply power to the blower and light the machine via the ignition port located next to the air intake nozzle of the gasifier. Try to light the gas exiting the flare cup and once you can sustain a flare you are ready to engine run. Remove power from the blower and close off the flare cup valve, open the gas supply and with the AFR mixer valve closed: prime the engine by simply turning it over. The engine will typically try to fire once the gas has primed to the engine. Now as you turn the engine over open the mixer valve until running. Once running crack the water injection valve 1/4 turn open and you now up and runnning. 


Lead times are out 6 to 12 weeks, only 50% of the unit cost is required to place an order. Inquire at the bottom of the page for more details.

DXF-10 RTR (Standard)

Price $3650.00 

The DXF-10 Gasifier features a 10 inch diameter reactor system with a 14 inch diamter 15 gallon hopper. The machine is fitted with a large gas cooler with integrated flat free 10 inch wheels for easy mobility. Designed specifically to run off the shelf spark ignition generators that range from 200cc to 500cc. However it is not recomended to run engine displacements under 400cc on wood fuel. Engines smaller than 400cc should be ran on charcoal fuel only

Model Specifications and Features;

  • 22 inches wide x 24 inches deep x 56 inches Tall

  • Weight: 120 lbs

  • 14 Ga Cold Rolled Steel Construction

  • Fuel Capacity: 15 gallons

  • Water Injection System with 2ltr Capacity Tank: Standard (Charcoal Mode)

  • Engine Displacement Size: 200cc to 500cc

  • Run Time: 1.5 / 4 hours (depending on load and engine displacemt

  • Power Output: Up to 6kW peak and  up to 2.5 kW Continuous

  • Network Ready: No

  • Gas Cooler with 2 inch cooling tubes: Yes

  • Gasifier Manager System: No

  • Wood Fuel Filter System: No

  • Quick Connect Hose Kit: Yes

  • Start Up Blower: Yes

  • AFR Auto Mixer System: No

  • Gas Hose System and Engine Adapter: Yes

  • Wheel Kit: Standard


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