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DXF- VersiFire

The VersiFire combined with a DXF-Series Gasifier expands the gasifiers capability beyond power generator engine fuel. The VersiFire adds around the clock on demand gas supply to support low volume gas appliances. This could be a water heater, stove oven / range, clothes dryers, evaporitive refrigeration  and gas heating for the home.


Gas appliances are a direct energy conversion and are generally higher consumption. Running these appliances direct on the gas will be much more efficient while reducing the required energy the electric counter parts would consume. This means less solar panels, less battery storage and less you will have to run a generator to keep with daily energy demand. Gas produced from the VersiFire for heating will be far cleaner than heating with biomass technologies. There is no smoke! Plus you will have precise control of temperature without constant fiddling keeping a wood stove stoked up. 

You can also run a power generator directly from the VersiFire's gas storage system. This is how you wood fuel an engine without tar as the gas is fully scrubbed clean. As long as the generator is sized lower than the VersiFire's output ability you will have a means of very clean engine fuel gas. Additionally there is a second option to add the charcoal harvester to the VersiFire. You can then produce charcoal to run in the CFX RTR Gasifier while its producing gas for the home. You then have a mobile gasifier that can be used remotely to run multiple applications. Then depending on the size of the DXF versus the power generator you may also be able to fuel direct from the gasifier. 


The VersiFire will be available for pre order September 2023. Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and you will be placed on a pre order list.

DXF-10 / VersiFire System

Price $8450.00 

The DXF-10 Gasifier features a 10 inch diameter reactor system with a 14 inch diamter 16 gallon hopper. The machine is fitted with a large gas cooler with integrated flat free 10 inch wheels for easy mobility. The VersiFire features a gas accumulator base chassis, valve systems, VersiFire V1 controler, with built in gasifier manager, self igntion and charge blower and telescoping gas charge tube arangement. You will need 55 and 30 gallon drums these are not supplied. You will need to install the telescoping charge tube and plumb the system up. Its really straight forward and we will assist you if needed. You are also not limited to the number of accumulators you can install. You can build accumulator banks in parallel connection. This will expand output capability while giving the gas more settling time for even cleaner gas. 

Model Specifications and Features;

  • 22 inches wide x 24 inches deep x 56 inches Tall

  • Weight: 120 lbs

  • 14 Ga Cold Rolled Steel Construction

  • Fuel Capacity: 15 gallons

  • Water Injection System with 2ltr Capacity Tank: Standard (Charcoal Mode)

  • Engine Displacement Size: 200cc to 500cc

  • Run Time: 1.5 / 4 hours (depending on load and engine displacemt

  • Power Output: Up to 6kW peak and  up to 2.5 kW Continuous

  • Network Ready: Yes

  • Gas Cooler with 2 inch cooling tubes: Yes

  • Gasifier Manager System: Yes

  • Wood Fuel Filter System: Yes

  • Quick Connect Hose Kit: Yes

  • Start Up Blower: Yes

  • AFR Auto Mixer System: Yes

  • Gas Hose System and Engine Adapter: Yes

  • Wheel Kit: Standard

  • VersiFire System: Yes


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