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Charcoal Kiln KIt 

New for 2021 are Charcoal Production Kits!!


The level 1 and 2 Charcoal Production Kits are DIY kits for converting steel pails and drums into a self contained bulk charcoal production system. 

Both Kits come with everything you need to convert the steel containers. This includes a lower enclosure for housing the catch container, Flange Sets for barrel mounting, Loading door adapter and chimney adapter. All you need are to source the barrels and or steel pails to build and complete the kit. 

The level 1 kit is based around 5 gallon steel pails with a 14 inch / 16 gallon barrel drum to serve as the bell over the fire tube. The fire tube is devised out of one 5 gal. steel pail and a second one to serve as the catch. The Chimney adaptor is for 6 inch pipe for fast processing time. Once burning shake the grate and your produced charcoal will fall threw into catch pail. Simply load more fuel in and keep repeating this process. A second container can be used to swap out full loads to be dumped into a larger storage barrel. 

The Level 2 kit is based the 14 inch diameter steel drums with a 55 gallon steel drum to serve as its bell. A 16 gallon drum will serve as the fire tube and a smaller 10 gallon drum will serve as the catch barrel. The 55 gallon drum fits over the top to contain the combustion processes and safely exhaust out a 6 inch chimney. 

Level 1 Kiln Kit

level 1 Kiln Kit $350.00 Plus Shipping

  • 20 x 20 foot print x 48 inches Tall

  • 14 Ga Cold Rolled Steel Construction

  • Weight: 40 lbs

  • Easy to Assemble with Forum Support 

  • Produces 5 to 8 gallons pr hour

level 2 Kiln Kit $450.00 Plus Shipping

  • 24 x 24 foot print x 60 inches Tall

  • 14 Ga Cold Rolled Steel Construction

  • Weight: 60 lbs

  • Easy to Assemble with Forum Support 

  • Produces 15 to 20 gallons pr hour

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