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We are a world leader in micro scale gasification for power and heat systems. Our systems convert renewable and waste woody biomass to a gaseous fuel for running spark ignition power generators and other small engine power equipment. With over 10 years of rapid product development our technologies are some of the best there is to offer. 

The M-1 Gasifier Series are now offered in four different sizes ranging from the M-1 Base Model Gasifier to the giant M-1 Alpha. We can now meet a very broad range of applications with this single product line. Whether you are looking to power a small generator, larger generator, a tractor, a pick up truck or anything in-between we got you covered. All versions are offered in a standard stand alone gasifier format or complete fully loaded ready to run systems. This gives you the flexibility to order just the basic gasifier and add on your own filter, blower and support systems on your own to save cost, network multiple systems together via the Fusion 3 to extend your run times or order the system complete with our full support system to make it ready to run. This is the most flexible system on market!!


The Fusion 3 is a networking module that can team any of the M-1 gasifier systems into a one. This extends run times, gives you the ability to refuel on the fly and broadens your applications as you can simply scale up to meet that demand. The Fusion 3 provides the filtration and start up blower system, so all that is needed are the base gasifier modules. This cuts your cost as you are only buying the filter once and building three gasifier modules are less expensive and complex than building one giant machine. 

The M-1 Support Pack is a bolt on filter and start up blower system for the M-1 Standard, Utility and Alpha gasifiers. This along with the pancake filter, our engine adapter kit with quick connect hose system and fuel mixer assembly can make any of these machines ready to run. 

To compliment the M-1 Series gasifier plants we offer charcoal production kilns, and will further develop future automation systems for autonomous off grid battery charging specifically for the M-Series. All M-Series for 2021 have revisions for adding and upgrading to full automation at anytime.  

Why Charcoal?


Charcoal fuel production is by far easier and practical than a direct wood gasification plant. It is less fuel processing, there is no fuel drying required, there is no fuel sorting, there are no limits to fuel feed stocks. ( you can only feed a chipper fuel it can process) no expensive chipping or chunking machine and you are unlikely to ever produce tar. If a charcoal gasifier can produce tar (unlikely) a direct raw fuel gasifier (It will happen)  can then never ever be exempt from tar production ( If it can happen it will ) The M-1 Gasifiers are much less complex than a typical raw fuel gasifier greatly reducing our cost to you. The Micro Gasifiers will run stable and allow the user to walk away from the unit while in operation. Without complex automation you simply can not do this with a direct wood gasifier; (it must be automated) and that comes at an expense. Char gas after filtering is nearly as clean as Natural Gas; A direct wood gasifier will never produce this clean of gas. Dont be deceived by claims of "clean gas"  "Tar Free" All that means is the gas is clean enough to run an engine without excessive tar production. But that gas is hardly "clean". If you want something that will run reliably without constant fiddling around with we offer that solution. Other machines you are taking your chances. We are one of only a few in the world doing this and are the second longest running company on market in the USA. We have been here for over a decade and have built some of the most advanced systems to ever exist in this space. When you purchase a machine from us, you are getting not only a very well developed and great product, but also these years of development to back it. 

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M-1 Base Model
2021 M-1 Utility Gasifier
VersiFire Power Stove 01.jpg
M-1 Standard Team 5.jpg
Fusion Module with (3) M-1 RG units networked into one
VersiFire Gasifier Module
(in development)

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