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Welcome to Thrive Off Grid LLC!

The 2024 Model Year is Here!!!


Thrive Off Grid LLC is a world leader in micro scale gasification for power and heat systems.  With over 12 years of rapid product development (TOG llc) products have evolved into the most refined market ready systems available to market today. From our proven CFX RTR small engine gasifier to our ground breaking VersiFire gas storage system. 

TOG llc products are designed / manufactured in the USA and are distributed exclusively by Thrive Off Grid llc and shipped worldwide. We provide a 2 year limited waranty, with near real time forum support and provide this support for the life of the products.


All new for 2024 is the CFX-RTR Gasifier.


The 2024 CFX-RTR is a ready to run, small engine gasifier. This is our fourth generation design that is based on our proven Charcoal Fuel Crossdraft Gasifier design architecture. This system allows for stable, self sustaining, tar free clean fuel gas ouput in a simplistic and compact package. A wood fueled gasifier technology at this scale just simply can not come anywhere close to achieving. 

The unit features 13 inch wheels for easy mobility and is very simple and user friendly. The machine features a water injection system that provides water as a fuel input as well. Yes you heard that right, this machine cracks water!! Water is injected and is cracked via a high tempurature carbon cracking method resulting in a higher energy dense gas. To learn more see our CFX-RTR page listing


Now enter the VersiFire package!


The VersiFire converts the CFX-RTR and other existing gasification systems to an on demand wood fueled gas producer that can not only just run engines but also provide a continuouse gas supply around the clock autonomously.

This system features a dual gas storage system; that the VersiFire controls system recharges on demand. While one storage unit is in a supply mode; the system self charges the other one and then goes into standby / gas cooling mode. Once the supply unit is depleted the system switches the supply and will then recharge the depleted storage unit and then runs in a continuouse cycle. The powerfuel onboard Ametek blower unit ensures the gasifier reactor is always driven to peak opperating tempurature parameters; thus ensureing the cleanest and most powerful gas is produced. This system will then make running small engines possible that otherwise would not be possible with a large gasifier of this scale. This will then provide a large hopper capacity that you can not get from a small scale unit as the hopper must be sized correctly. Too large of a hopper will release an abundance of moisture from the fuel in the hopper and that will crash the reactor, along with causing bridging issues. 

Expected development completion is late Spring 2024


VersiFire Prototype unit. Note the gasifier is an earlier version of what would become the VXF gasifier

2022 DF-S1  RTR

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