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Welcome to Thrive Off Grid LLC!

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Home of the Dual Fuel Cross Draft Gasifier Series!

Thrive Energy Systems LLC is a world leader in micro scale gasification for power and heat systems.  With over 10 years of rapid product development (TES llc) products have evolved into the most refined market ready systems available to market today. 

The DFX Series are a hybrid cross draft gasifier system, designed specifically to fuel stationary spark ignition power generators for off grid electric power. The DFX is dual fuel capable, it can process 100% charcoal fuel or a mixture of charcoal and wood chip fuel of 10% or less moisture content. Up to a 50% mixture of fuels can be achieved; however, a mixture not greater than 30% raw biomass chips @ 10% or less mc is recommended. The machines can also crack water directly as a partial fuel input. Up to 20% of the gas energy density can be achieved via the water injection system alone. (this is the tank via the front of the machine)


The DFX Series also have networking capability to scale and expand the systems beyond a single gasifier unit. This allows for expanding run times or application size so you are not stuck with a limited system designed to run one application range. The DFX Series are the most refined, versatile, and easy to use gasifier system to ever reach the market. 

The DFX Series Gasifiers are offered in two formats.

  • (RTR) ready to run

  • (PNM) plug in networking module. 

The DFX (RTR) is the complete package and is ready to run typical off the shelf power generators ranging from 200 cc on up to 700 cc (depending on DFX model) We also supply you with a DIY charcoal processing unit kit as part of the package. 

Your RTR will come with everything you need to adapt to your generator. To complete the charcoal kiln kit you will need a 30, 20 and 16 gallon set of barrel drums with lids. You need to have the skills and means to modify these barrels to complete the kit. You may also need to get a motorcycle lift for the catch bin. This is needed to lift the catch bin up to the reactor to close off oxygen feed into the catch bin while keeping ambers from getting out. 

The RTR comes standard as follows

  • Fusion Filter Module / Start Up Blower Support Sys.

  • Ammo Box Fine Filter

  • Quick Connect Hose System

  • AFR Mixer Assembly

  • Engine Adapter

  • CFK-20 DIY Kiln Kit

The DFX (PNM) is simply just a bare bones DFX gasifier without support systems; basically a giant hopper on wheels. The Fusion Module and all accessories that would make it an RTR are omitted.


To add on extra fuel capacity or to run larger applications than what a single unit is designed to run; you can simply add on the plug in modules. The Fusion Module on all RTR models is network ready to accept up to two additional DFX (PNM)'s. 

M-1 SE RTR.jpg
2022 DF-S1  RTR

The DFX Series Gasifiers feature flat free tires for maintenance free mobility. This wheeled dolly system makes it a breeze for putting the unit away after use or moving the unit to multiple applications. Although designed for power generation, this is not all that the DFX can run. You can run log splitters, well pumps, chipping machines and many other engine driven outdoor equipment. 

The Fusion Module's start up blower is an Ametek Lamb blower motor. These are extremely powerful units that can run on either AC or DC electric power. The units are set up for AC by default; however, you can run on 48 volts or higher DC. You can also use a small 12 volt to 110 VAC / 600 watt inverter. So you have many options for a power source. Starting a gasifier is just like starting a car; you have a battery to run the engine starter. Once the engine is running it recharges the battery. A gasifier start up system will work this same way. 

The units feature a large hopper opening with flash back resistant hopper lid. So refueling is easy and seamless. The hopper lid latch is spring loaded allowing a flash back event to vent safely.  





There is an ash clean out door for easy char ash removal and maintenance with removable grate system. Machines should be serviced every 20 to 40 hours of use. 

The water injection system features a large capacity tank, This can last up to four hopper loads per fill depending on flow rate. Our special jet nozzle injects and atomizes the water. This atomization even coats the nozzle to efficiently flash the water to steam for reaction process. The better this is done the better the nozzle is cooled and the more effective the reforming process of the water shift can occur. This design is also flash back resistant so that ambers can not shoot out the nozzle in the event of a flash back. 

On RTR systems we supply you with our quick connect hose kit, ammo box filter, AFR mixer assembly and engine adapter. The ammo box is just simply the most economical and effective way to provide a fine filter that is very simple and easy to service. The idea is run a filter media that the user has available at hand. This can be saw dust and any form, hay, grass and other medias. If the ammo box ever needs replaced they are easy enough to modify and you can simply transfer the flange adapters from your old one to a new one. 


We are now moving to a new way of rating a gasifier. We are now rating the machines by kW/hour per hopper charge. Because at the end of the day that's really what its about; how much electric power can this produce? Run time is irrelevant and that is not decided by the gasifier that is determined by what you are running with it. Are you running a Corvette or a Chevette? The best use for a stand alone stationary gasifier is for battery charging. Running a gasifier for primary power, is just simply not practical and will waste energy. Going off grid with any off grid power source you really should have a battery bank. You want to put all your power in storage where it can then be better managed along with overcoming power limitations from direct generator power. A smaller generator can equal big power! Invest into a combination of battery storage, inverter with a smaller generator verses investing into a big generator with no storage. You will still be able to achieve the big power but done more efficiently along with the advantage of stand by power. 

So now for instance the DFX S-3 can run a range of generators. It can run the 212cc engines on up to 500 cc engines. But regardless of the generator size the kW/hours will be roughly the same per hopper charge. The smaller generator will just take longer verses the larger generator will get there faster. If you are running the 212cc it will output around 1250 watts max (typical) but it will run for 4 hours (4x1250 = 5 kW/hours. So now if you run say the Predator 9500 it will produce 2500 watt max (typical) but it will only run for 2 hours. (2X2500= 5 kW/hours) 

Once you know your daily power requirements you can now size the gasifier system to meet your requirements. So say you have a battery bank that is 15 kW/hours. If you dont want to refuel multiple times, then you can simply get the DFX-S3 RTR with two PNM's. This would equal 15 kW/hours total between all three DFX-S3's. Although there is nothing stopping you from just refueling one DFX-S3. If you are charging a battery bank, then you are not going to interrupt power output and refueling takes less than 30 seconds. 

The DFX output ratings are as follows

  • DFX-S1 RTR (1.5 kW/hours)

  • DFX-S2 RTR (3 kW/hours)

  • DFX-S3 RTR (5 kW/hours)

  • DFX-S4 RTR (8 kW/hours)

To learn more please navigate to the products button in the menu and select a product of interest.

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