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Welcome to Thrive Off Grid!


We are a world leader in micro scale gasification for power and heat systems. With over 9 years of rapid product development our technologies are some of the best there is to offer. 


We offer a full range of gasification and off grid systems. Our gasifier systems range from the Flex Multi Fuel machines, the M-1 Micro Charcoal Gasifier and the Fusion family of products that offer a complete off grid system that includes; primary heat , hot water, power generation, storage and distribution. 

The M-1 Charcoal Gasifier, is a very compact stand alone unit that can run 200 to 400 cc engine power generators. This is a great little machine for outdoor adventures, camping, RV'ing, cabins, bug out locations etc.

The Fusion Bio Fueled Energy Systems by VersiFire; is a family of products specifically designed to integrate with one another for a complete off grid system. This includes primary heat / cooking, hot water, electric power, energy storage systems and power distribution. All from clean renewable bio fuel energy. All system share like design and form factors. 

The Flex Gasifier system is a modular system that can be configured for all different fuel types. Wood Chips, Wood Chunks, Pellet fuel or Charcoal. 

Also we are working on portable and stationary lithium ion mass storage devices and power stations. 

For additional info please see all products in the product drop down menu. 

M-1 Standard Gasifier
M-1 MAX Production 1.jpg
M-1 Max Gasifier
Fusion Gasifier Module
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