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The 2024 Model Year is Here!!!

2024 is really going to be our most exciting year ever; as it brings you the DXF / VersiFire Series Gasifier System. This machine will be an industry first!! Yeah and its going to change the game!!!


Thrive Energy Systems LLC is a world leader in micro scale gasification for power and heat systems.  With over 10 years of rapid product development (TES llc) products have evolved into the most refined market ready systems available to market today. 

TES llc products are distributed exclusively by Thrive Off Grid llc and shipped worldwide. We provide a forum for near real time support and provide support for the life of the products.


The 2024 DXF Series are a hybrid cross fuel gasifier system. That can not only just run power generators but can also supply on demand gas to the home with the added VersiFire optional package.


The 2024 DXF Series units will be offered in three sizes and at three different levels.

First; the DXF in standard format is a dedicated downdraft charcoal fueled gasifier. This is the simplest and easiest way to get a new user up and running. The user can expect to experience consistant and self sustaining opperation and engine performance without the worry of producing tar. This is also benificial as in the winter months charcoal maybe more viable (depending on where you live) for engine fuel in these colder months; as it maybe more challenging to dry wood fuels during the cold seasons. The DXF in Standard format comes with everything you need to get any typical off the shelf generator running. 


Second the wood fuel option converts the DXF Series gasifiers into a dedicated downdraft wood fueled gasification plant. This consist of a reactor core insert, gasifier manager system, drum filter kit, and the electronic AFR controller with O2 Sensor adapter. Without this kit it will be quite challenging to get any wood fueled gasifier at this scale to self sustain and without excesive tar events related inconsistant internal flows. The wood fuel insert insulates and optimizes process heat to crack tar. The gasifier manager ensures consistant fuel flow. The filter kit adds additional filtering to help scrub tar and moisture out and the AFR controller self adjust Air / Fuel ratio for fluxuating gas energy density and flow. 


Now enter the VersiFire package! The VersiFire converts the DXF in base form to an on demand wood fueled gas producer that can not only just run engines but also provide gas to the home for gas appliance applications and heating. The wood fuel option is not required when the DXF is ordered with the VersiFire package; as most of those systems are already a part of the VersiFire system. The VersiFire consist of a gas storage system and controller unit in addition to the DXF Gasifier. The controller can self fire the unit and recharge the gas storage system on demand around the clock. Because the gas is stored temporarilly in a positive presure system, the gas is scrubbed clean. Under positive pressure any tar is transitioned out of gas suspension and will drop out along with dust and debris. Feed stock fuel moisture content is not as critical for this reason. You can run engine power generators a number of ways with the VersiFire. You can supply gas for engine fuel direct from the gasifier, from the gas storage system or from charcoal fuel produced from the system via the CFX charcoal gasifier. 


VersiFire Prototype unit. Note the gasifier is an earlier version of what would become the DXF gasifier. Unit shown has an optional charcoal catch bin system for the CFX Charcoal Gasifier. 

New for 2024 is the CFX-RTR Charcoal Crossdraft Gasifier. The new CFX is basically a revised version the 2023 DFX S2 and S3 units merged into one. The unit shares the same width of the larger S3 while being shortened to the S2 length. This improves the machines ability to consume the fuel available in the hopper without any sacrifice of fuel capacity of the original S3. The unit can also achieve a broader range of application size in its stand alone fomat. 

Machine networking has been retained to scale multiple units together to achieve larger size applications. Plug in CFX modules are available for purchase with the CFX-RTR Gasifier. 

The 2024 CFX is also a smarter design that has eliminated cost to lower our price point. 

Additionally a catch bin option is available for the VersiFire Equipped DXF gasifier. You can then optimize the VersiFire system to produce a higher yeild of charcoal to fuel the CFX RTR. You then have a unit that can be used remotely and on multiple applications around the homestead, with ease of fuel production. 

2022 DF-S1  RTR

2023 DFX S3 shown. The 2024 CFX is simply 4 inches shorter in depth. 

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